courage (part two)

….part two (read part one here)

Without the use of Facebook or cell phones we did what people did back in the day before they were invented and made a plan to meet the next day.

And just like he said Sam turned up. We chatted some more and got on like a house on fire.

This man with an unusual accent was from France and he was travelling by himself. We met a few times and a friendship was formed. He was a true gentleman and it was all very unexpected.

Sam was headed to the airport a few days later. He came to see me a few hours before he was due to be at the airport.

It was a chance meeting, nothing more than a friendship. But I’m super glad I decided to walk back and initiate a conversation.

It’s not Hollywood and we didn’t fall in love, get married, have ten babies and live happily ever after!

But I did step out, take a chance, gain a new friend, have some fun and learn that it pays to be courageous.

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