finally moved out

I grew up thinking that I would live at home until I was married. But when you are suddenly 30 and still living at home, with no prospects on the horizon you have to re-think the situation.

So I started looking for a unit to buy. I didn’t want anything too big or with much garden as I definitely don’t have skills in that department.

There weren’t many units/ apartments that were within my budget. But there was an amazing house with a big garden within my price range.

This time of seeing a mortgage broker, putting an offer on the house, counter-offers, renovating, buying furniture (I didn’t even own a toaster, the only household item I had was my bed) was a very daunting one!

I’d never lived out of home, never paid rent or bills before. I had a part time job and was running my own little business. As I started paying a mortgage I was finishing my part time job (my only regular income) to work full time for myself. I must have been mad!

moving-out-of-homeOn the 21st of December I moved into my own home. Just before driving there one last time I sat on the couch of my family home and cried. This was the only home I’d ever known. I didn’t want to move out, I loved living with my Mum.

My Mum said “you don’t have to go”. I replied “I don’t want too, but I know I have too”.
My Mum offered to come and spend the first night with me. But I knew it was something I had to do by myself.

It was a big step! But one now that I’m super glad I took.

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