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are you chasing?

People are chasing lots of things these days… Life, money, sex, careers. Their dreams, a better life. God, friends, boys, summer, waves, tornadoes, a six pack, love, the perfect life…. I’m sure you could add a few to this list also.

I think there are some great things to chase. For instance your passions or your dream to be a football star, or an amazing parent. To live debt free or to leave a legacy. Your passion of helping people that might turn into your career as a nurse or a teacher.

I pursue a relationship with God because I believe He will guide me. I trust Him. I have faith that he will give me the desires of my heart.

woman-chases-manOne area I think many single girls have it all wrong is the area of chasing guys. I have done this many many times. Initiating contact. Being readily available. Sending texts to see how their day was. Asking other people to try and set me up with a guy. Trying to find out details about someone to see if they are single. Seeking out the singles at a party or wedding. Tell me I’m not a weirdo or the only one who has done this?

But I think it’s kinda engrained in singles to chase, to put yourself out there, sign up to Internet dating, speed dating, singles groups, blind dates or coffee with your Mums friend’s single son. Why? Coz we aren’t meant to be alone. We were designed to be in a relationship.

I read this quote recently and it really struck a cord with me “If he wanted to be with you, he would. If he wanted to call you, he would. If he wanted to talk to you, he would. When someone is into you they make time for you. No matter how good of a woman you are, you’ll never be good enough for a man who isn’t ready.” realtalkkim.com

This statement and a few others got me thinking about the opposite of chasing and the fact that nothing will keep me from the man who is for me. He will call. He will make time for me. He will come and seek me out. He will pursue or chase me. So I don’t need to chase, try to make it happen, run after or seek out guys. Does that mean I sit at home and wait for someone to come knocking on my door? Probably not. But it also doesn’t mean I need to chase guys who aren’t ready or meant for me.

It’s a freeing thought really.

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