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The picture of how life was suppose to be

My picture went a little like this… Married with three children. A home filled with laughter and plenty of chaos. Lots home cooked meals shared with my family and friends. Annual family holidays. Birthday and Christmas traditions in full swing. Hours spent watching kids sports, school assemblies and a fridge full of the kids craft.


What the picture actually looks like… Single. Living on my own in a quiet house. The occasional home cooked meal, eaten on my own. Lots of holidays (mainly travelling solo). Hours spent watching tv series tucked up in a bed by myself. A clean fridge with a few neatly placed magnets.

What about you? Did you dream of a different life? Are you single again? Are you going through a messy divorce? Did life throw you a curve ball?

What do we do when the story didn’t pan out like we thought, hoped or imagined?

I think rather than wallowing in this place wishing life were different. We need to be thankful for where we are and what we do have.

So the above is true, but so is the fact that I have an amazing home. I am able to holiday and explore this big incredible world. I can have my nieces & nephews over for sleepovers. I can input into the next generation (through my field of work). I have the freedom to sit and watch tv if I want to. I have the time to cook (if I choose too). I have amazing friends and family who support me and an incredible job.

You see I might not be where I wanted to be, but I have an amazing life.


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