When God doesn’t answer your prayer

This year isn’t over but we are definitely on the home stretch. There were times this year where I honestly felt like something new was around the corner. I just had this feeling. And to be honest, those few times I had that feeling not long after I met a guy.

The first of which I wasn’t head over heel for but he was a nice guy and I wanted to see if something would develop. Part way through dating him I felt like something wasn’t right. Like he was being shady. But when I questioned him, he said I was reading into things and he was just a private person. I still had no peace and a few weeks later I caught him out, he was cheating and seeing another person.

Not long after this I met another guy who was REALLY keen on me and told me he was putting all his eggs in my basket. He was going to up and move his life five hours south to live closer to me, find another job so we could make a real go of our relationship. Yet I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t think of him or miss him like he did me. So I went to visit him and I broke it off.

Which brings me to now.. Both these guys I met on dating sites. But now I’ve deleted all my internet dating profiles. I’m left feeling like what is next? What do I do? I miss talking to guys. It was so easy to chat to someone online, strike up a new conversation. Yet now I’m left feeling kinda flat as we draw towards the end of another year.

You see I’ve stepped out in faith and feel like my prayers haven’t been answered. What do we do with this? When you thought it was your year, your time, but once again I’m at the same place I was at the beginning of the year… S T I L L S I N G L E

So as we get ready for this season of Christmas functions, New Years celebrations, family get togethers, work parties and so on. I think it’s ok to be aware that it’s a hard time, we won’t always feel happy. But I think it’s also good to realise this and make sure we spend time with the people we love rather than staying home or being by ourselves.

God hasn’t answered my prayer yet, but what we need to remember that it’s in His time schedule not ours.

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