Seasons come and go but for many singles it seems to be an unending winter of being on your own.

The sign that spring might just be around the corner happens on the rare occasion and a date or two may eventuate or sometimes it last for a few months. But then somehow winter is once again in full blown motion and with it comes the winter blues.


Then the holidays that creep upon us year after year. With Halloween over for another year. And Thanksgiving just around the corner, followed closely by Christmas. All times of the year when we would love to have that special someone by our side.

I think one thing that we need to remind ourselves of is that it is just a season, it’s not going to last forever. Rather than being down about it we can look on the bright side and try to see the positives.

Yes I’m single but this means my time is my time and I can do with it as I wish. Watch that TV series, eat chocolate in bed late at night, go to the gym at 7pm, cook dinner at 10pm, stalk friends on fb until the early hours of the evening. These things may well be different if we were married and had a family.

My money is mine. Ever noticed that dating can be expensive? Dinners, coffee’s, drinks, movies, concerts, the list goes on. So while you are single think of all that money you are saving. Or maybe you are spending it on holidays and why not travel the world, meet new people and have the best adventures while you can.

But I’m cold and lonely… Put on an extra jumper or grab a hot water bottle and catch up with a girlfriend (even if they are in a relationship – all girls need time for girly chats).

Life can change in an instant, so lets make the most of this single season because you never know this time next year life could be very different!

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