It’s that time of the year

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I have a love hate relationship with this time of the year. I love the spirit of Christmas. The festivities. The food. The parties. The presents. The singing and dancing. Father Christmas. Santa sacks. Kids opening presents.

But I know I’m not the only single that struggles with this time of the year. Going to family functions or parties alone. Buying gifts for other couples or families. Going to bed on Christmas Eve all by yourself. Being the designated driver. Not having a gift from someone special.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. Couples everywhere. The saddest sight you’ll see is the singles alone on the street, hoping for someone to meet. Or a handsome fella for tea to make her night complete. Maybe this time next year will be filled with joy, when we all have our true loves kiss.”

It’s a tough season. Especially if you are newly single or if you have done many of them on your own. For some it’s a reminder that another year is ending and you are still on your own.

For me I know that I struggle at this time of the year, so I try to do a few things to make this season a little easier on myself…

  • I don’t have high expectations, so that I’m not disappointed if those expectations aren’t met.
  • I try to make the season about someone else. For many many years my sister was single. So during these years I tried to buy her loads of presents so that on Christmas Day she would feel loved and special. For you it might be about creating amazing memories for your children. Or making it special for someone going through a rough time.
  • I buy myself a few gifts (I often wrap them and put them under the tree too) Normally it’s a new outfit to wear. That always make a girl feel nice. Or I go and have a manicure or my hair done.
  • Spending time with friends and family rather than opting to spend time on my own.

What about you? Do you love this time of the year? Or do you find it tough?

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  1. read more on at said:

    Usually, I don’t read long posts, but it was worth the time. Nice article.

    • 30somethingandsingle on at said:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it

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