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Sorry boys (if there are any who have stumbled across this site) I’m gonna go a little girly here. We all know the saying  about girls having a body clock. Well I’ve just found out in the last month or so that mine is ticking much faster than I’d hoped.

About eight years ago I ended up in hospital for over a week and eventually they worked out I had a cyst on one of my ovaries, about the size of a tennis ball that had twisted and it was causing me immense pain. So they removed the cyst and out with it came one of my ovaries.

At the time of the operation I asked if it would affect my fertility and if I would need to look into getting some of my eggs frozen? I was only in my mid twenties so I was told there was no hurry for that just yet.

Fast forward to this year and I was having irregular periods. So I went for a few different tests (that all came back normal). But it begged the question about my body clock. So I had the AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) test performed by my gp. The level of AMH in a woman’s blood is generally a good indicator of her ovarian reserve. A level of 14-30 is considered normal. Whilst my result came back at 3.7

The doctor didn’t sugar coat the results she quite simply said “your levels are really low and if you want to have children you should consider doing so now”.

I was too shocked to ask any appropriate questions or say “well that’s a little hard when you don’t have a boyfriend, let alone a husband”

I don’t feel like I’m in my thirties and I always thought I have all the time in the world to get married and have children.

So the next step for me is to see a fertility specialist and look at what my options are. It’s a daunting step to consider these things when you are single and to potentially look at having your eggs frozen in the hope that you can have babies when you are ready.

I’ll keep you posted with the specialist recommendations and action plan.

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